Tuesday, June 2, 2009

OMG! Another CVS haul!

Is it just me or do you feel you have to have that CVS or Walgreens fix everyday? Well you saw the haul from yesterday and it happened again today!...I "stopped" to CVS and as soon as I walked in the door I almost screamed; another 90% off cart, actually 2!
They had 3 carts of all kinds of baby products and deodorants marked down 90% off...

I ended up with 2 carts filled to the hilt...here is the take

34 travel size CVS wipes
3 pink blankets
2 CVS 160 ct wipes
1 playtex ventaire bottles (3 in pkg)
2 CVS wipes in the tube
1 playskool cotton wipes
1 playskool no spill cup
2 palmers cocoa butter for stretch marks
6 pampers sensitive wipes
1 nuby sport cups (2 in pkg)
2 advent bottles (2 in pkg)
2 playskool wide neck bottles
3 playskool pacifiers
1 real dose medicine delivery system
8 blade deodorants
7 right guard extreme deodorants
4 right guard extreme double pkgs
3 speed sticks
2 secrets
1 gillette 3x
1 axe spray
2 old spice sprays
1 arridd xx
1 dry idea

I paid less than $30.00 for all this; of course I paid with ECB's!!!

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