Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't forget if you have any of the Fuze drink coupons (B1G1) they expire tomorrow....they are on sale at Walgreens 3/$3.00 so you're getting 2 for $1.00....Happy Shopping!
The corrected links from the previous message are www.centsable momma.com and thesavingsplace@yahoo.com .

Monday, March 30, 2009

This site is to help keep you informed of the sales everyweek. I will let you know what coupons go with'; and what week they came out, or where they were found....

There are several sites that really get into basics of how to use coupons; I will post a few here but if you would like to email me at the savings place@yahoo.com or post a comment here please do so and I will answer.

be centsablemomma.com

Today's Publix Trip

This what I got today for $5.15....

2 bags of cheetos-----used 2-$1.00target cpns

2 bags of goodlife recipe cat food (BOGO)----used 2-$2.00 manu cpns

4 J & J Buddies soap bars-------------used 4 $1.00 manu cpns

1 thermacare back patch----------------used $3.00 Publix cpn and $1.50 manu cpn

1 revlon emery board-----------------used $2.00 publx cpn

2 soft soap ensembles------------------used $2.00 publix cpns
(I always want it if it is new)
paid $5.15

You really have to make sure you watch as your items are scanned; the reason being
1) you don't want to pay more than you should
2) and at some store the items are FREE if they scan wrong!

This is what happened with the Soft soap ensembles...the shelf tag read $3.49 but they scanned
$6.99; the Manager checked the tag on the shelf and sure enough they were marked $3.49...so I got 1 FREE and the other modified to $3.49 and was still able to use the 2-$2.00 cpns....

Happy Monday!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


BOGO--buy one get one
C/O---cents off
CC----competitor coupon
ECB---extra care bucks (CVS)
RR-----register rewards (Walgreens)
OOP---out of pocket
WYB---when you buy
MIR-----mail in rebate
FAR-----free after rebate
Walgreens Flyer--3/29-4/4

Tropicana OJ------2/$5.00 get $2.00 RR... 2 $1.00 cpns found in the blinkie machines (at Publix and other stores) and get 2 cartons for $3.00 OOP and then $2.00 in register rewards..which equals $1.00 for 2 64 oz cartons of OJ....

Hello Everyone!

I am just starting this blog but wanted to say hello to everyone. I will back after church to get this thing up and going.
But I did want to mention to everyone don't forget about the great 90% off clearence sale at Dollar General! I have gotten about 200 pair of gloves and hats for our winter outreach at church....Happy Shopping and Praise the Lord!