Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello fellow couponista's! This has been a great day of shopping! I've had a blast at Kmart and CVS...
addition to the growing Freebie or close to Free list at Kmart...

venus razors----$5.00 used $2.00 cpn from 6/7 P & G
french's mustard----41.50 used .75¢ cpn
hefty one zip bags travel section----$1.29 used $1.00/1 cpn from blinkie machine
propel -------------$1.00 used .50¢ cpn from convience store
halls cough drops--------------$1.49 used .75¢ cpn

**I didn't get this but I will tomorrow; snuggle liquid is $2.69 and there are $1.00 cpns floating around the web, and I also think DelMonte fruit chillers are free with the $1.00/1 cpn from

I forgot my $5.00/$50.00 cpn; and I couldn't just give away $5.00; so I went to the car and retrieved the cpns and went to customer service. I explained to the CSM that I forgot to give these to the cashier and he did an override and gave me back $10.00 ($5.00 for each order)!

Love it.

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