Friday, May 22, 2009

Wonderful Day at Walgreens!

I started off with $25.00 in RR's from yesterday and I came home with $25.00 in RR's and a load of merchandise.......

1st transaction:

1 mead notebok $2.49

1 Bayer Quick Release Crystals-----$2.49
1 small eraser as a filler-------.25¢

Total $5.??

paid with $5.00 RR and .44¢ cash!!
gained $2.50 RR for Bayer Crystals (they rounded it to $2.50 instead of $2.49)

~~~~~~~~~~~Did this twice~~~~~~~~~~~~~

then I took the $2.50 and bought the Right Guard Deodorant $2.99
used $2.50 RR

paid .70¢ with a gift card and received another $5.00 RR; did this 3 times.

Then as I was leaving I saw a mark down table of oscillating fans; hubbies died 2 nights ago. Well they were $5.00!!!!!!! and of course I paid for it with a
$5.00 RR

also got 2 more deodorants; paid for them separately and got 2 more $5.00 RR's

And still came home with $25.00 in RR's~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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