Saturday, May 23, 2009

Publix Afternoon of FUN!

Now back to my day of shopping! The next stop was Publix...If I remember correctly my total was $73.?? and I paid $9.18 (subtotal was $8.05 and tax was $1.13)....this included a slab of ribs that were $8.07.

here's the run down.........
6 kraft bbq sauces
6 A-1 steak sauces
4 pks of kraft cheese--(one of the pks of cheese was in the incorrect spot for BOGO; when I questioned it the Manager just did the Publix promise without going to check because they were so busy)...
3 boxes of glad cling wrap
slab of ribs
5 glad plug ins
6 apples (used the target cpn and made sure they were right at a lb or just a smidge over)
4 kraft salad dressings

total $73.?? paid oop $9.18 ...forgot to pay with RR anyway I had a great time!

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