Friday, May 8, 2009

Thinking outside the BOX!

Other than FREE is always good! This is my second favorite phrase when it comes to couponing!..Now tell me what you think about this senerio for tomorrow.....

as you know CVS sales for the following week start Saturday sometime around noon or so.
Now for the sale ending Saturday on the back page when you buy $20.00 in coke amd Mars products you get a $10.00 ECB and for the sale starting Sunday when you buy 4 coke 12 pks you get one how about buying the 4 12 pks getting 1 free (have $1.00 cpns for these) and 6 vitamin waters which I have (.50¢ and BOGO cpns for these) and on top of that The Deal Fanatic has posted a cpn for $4/20.00...I can hardly stand it....
Ok again what do you all think of this deal will it work?? and possibly pay $6.50 and get back $10.00.

Waiting to hear from you....Happy Friday!

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