Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Walgreens coupon book

Titled healthy savings to help you stay healthy Over $30.00 in savings
.50¢ off airborne 10ct
$3 off claritin 24 or 30 ct
$2 off theraflu
$3 off sinucleanse neti pot
$3 off silent snooz snore relief
$1 off alka seltzer plus
$2 off comtrex or 4way
.50¢ off ricola cough drops 19-50ct
.50¢ off little noses and little allerfies
$2 off triaminic liquids 4oz or thin strips 14ct
$1 off oscillo adult or children 5-6 doses
$1 off tylenol children tylenol plus 4oz, adult cold, sinus or allergy 8oz to 24 ct
$1 off pedialyte oral electrolytes
$1 off pepto bismol instacool chewable tablets
$2 off walgreens mucus relief 60 ct
$1 off walgreens children cough syrup 4oz
$1 off walgreens cold/flu relief twin pack
$1 off wal-flu 6 or 8.3 oz
$1 off walgreens netipot/sinus wash salt jar 10oz
$1 off wal-tussin 12 oz
$3 off walgreens allergy 150ct.
******ALL THESE EXPIRE 12/31/09******

also there is an RR offer...
Buy any 2 participating Vicks Items, get $5 in RR. Good from 9/27 to 12/26
offer includes
Nyquil less drowsy liquid 10 oz
Dayquil mucus control liquid 10oz
Vaposyrup liquid 10oz
nyquil/dayquil 20 ct liquicaps or 10 oz liquid
nyquil + vitamin c/dayquil + vitamin c 20 ct
vicks 44 liquid 6oz.

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