Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another great coupon find!

The automatic refill. Instant savings. Booklet was found at CVS. You have to ask for this at the Pharmacy. just them the cashier that you would like information regarding automatic refills. These are the coupons that are inside:
2 save $4.00/$20.00 good from 8/2 thru 9/12
1 $4.00 off any diet/nutrition product of $20.00 or more
1 $4.00 off any facial skin product of $20.00 or more
1 $2.00 off any vitamin product of $10.00 or more
1 $2.00 off any allergy product of $10.00 or more
1 2.00 off any oral care product of $10.00 or more
1 $3.00 off any eye care product purchase of $12.00 or more

************NEW WALGREEN BOOKLETS***********************
$3.00 off claritin
$2.00 off huggies wipes
$1.00 off nabisco chips ahoys
$2.00 off triaminic
$2.00 off one a day teen
$2.00 off claritin tablets, reditabs or chewables
$2.00 off any one aday adult citracal
$4.00 off vagistat-1 ointment
$1.00 off sea breeze
$1.00 off any 2 capri sun juice drinks
$5.00 off walgreens smoking cessation gum or lozenges
.50¢ off ocean spray craisins
$3.00 off silent snooz snor relief
$2.00 off panoxyl facial wash, cleansing bar or treatment
$3.00 off no doz caplets
$1.00 off wrigleys gum 3 pk
$1.00 off green and blacks chocolate bar
.50¢ off zoneperfect or EAS myoplex
$1.00 off any two south beach living cereal bars or nabisco 100 caorie bars and packs
$1.00 off any 4 kraft cups--easy mac or velveeta
$1.00 off poppycock
$1.00 off kiss everlasting nail kits
$1.00 off kotex feminine care maxi pads
.50¢ off purina one
.15 each 4x6 digital prints
$1.50 off excedrin express gels
.50รณ off frito lay stax
$3.00 off luster weekend tooth whitening system
*****************these all expire 8/29/09******************

The $4.00/$20.00 from CVS are great coupons to be used at Publix.

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