Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good Morning All!

I hope all is well in every household this morning!

How did everyone do at Kmart this past week? Beleive it or not I didn't get by there, time just wasn't on my side. But I did hit Walgreens and CVS everyday!

If you haven't taken advantage of the bandaid/neosporin deal you should this is FREE money! You can get 3 boxes of bandaids for .37¢ and then get a $4.00 RR. This is an awesome deal. I asked one of the managers at one of the stores that I frequent if he would order 30 boxes of bandaids for me and he said YES!! That's $120.00 in RR and only $11.10 OOP!!!!
Again can I say I love FREE money!

Headed out to church will be back around 5:00 and will have more deals for you then; but until then be BLESSED!

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