Friday, July 24, 2009

Great Publix Trip!

This is a shopping trip from Tuesday (I think) I forgot to post it earlier... I need to hear some of your stories and see some pictures...bring them on!

I had the customers at a stand still while I was checking out today; they all wanted to see the end result of how much I was going to save as they were watching the total fall and fall and fall...did I say FALL! WOW did it fall. Before coupons my total was $78.75 and after coupons it was .17¢!

This is a break down of what I got.............

12 bags of pedigree good bites BOGO and had BOGO cpns
23 cups of dannon yogurt---------$10.00..used save .60¢ on 6 and buy 6 get 1 free.
6 pedigree jumbones $2.50----used the BOGO and $2.00/1 pedigree cpns
6 glade fragrance collection candles (Publix had the smaller version of the soy candles; they are in small votives) they were $3.19 and I used the $5.00 cpn that looks like a gift card*****I got the overage on these******
1 gallon of milk-------$2.79----(no cpn)
1 20 oz coke --------------$1.39 (no cpn)
I also used the $5.00/$50.00 kmart coupon

after I was done I had several people ask me how I did that.....I just love that because I love helping people save.

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