Thursday, July 23, 2009

CVS Johnson and Johnson Deal

It is hard to find 11 of the .99¢ J & J first aid kits to equal $10.00 to get the $5.00 ECB; so while out trying to find the best deal to get this free money this is what I came across..

The neosporin was $5.79,the single J & J pads in the back were $6.99 and the black box was $4.99; I also did find 3 of of the J & J small first aid kits; I used 3 $1.00 coupons on those and the $5.00 multi heaing cpns on the other J & J items and got a $10.00 ECb.....
Also make sure you scan your card before you shop for coupons. I have been getting the $2.00/2 gold emblem nut items. There are all kinds of small packs for between .79¢-.99¢ whch makes them what? FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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