Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Today's Walmart haul

I was able to get all this for $8.64.....that's 2-23 oz boxes of frosted flakes, 1- 21.7 oz box of froot loops and 15 trial size packages of cascade. The manager advised the cashier to take off all the cascade coupons at once instead of doing several different transactions..(sweet) but was willing to pay separate.

Now here is where you really need to watch prices and the size of packaging. The 21.7 oz box of cereal was $3.50; the box is just wider than the 23 oz box which was only $3.12. Then I used a .70¢ coupon on each box. Making frosted flakes 46 oz's for $5.84 and the 21.7 oz box of fruit loops $2.80.

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